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Age of Sail is an alternate history/historical fiction mini-build game set in the year 1790 on the platform of ROBLOX™. Similarly to Sid Meier's Civilization™ Series and Empire Total War, Age of Sail functions as a diplomatic, military, economic, and nation building simulator. Players are able to lead a nation (only historical nations at the start, but fictional may come after the launch of the game.) and players are also allowed to take up a position in a nation which already has a leader, such as, economic adviser, general, admiral, etc. Age of Sail is centered around the Napoleonic Era, as such, game-play will be centered on the tactics and units of the time. As the game progresses through later era, this will indeed change and adapt, just as the real world did. The game is meant to simulate the hectic situation of global geopolitical relations throughout modern history.

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